Friday, August 22, 2008

Yay, I had a date! :)

Last night was one of those anomalies: my husband & I got to go on a date! :) And if you know me, you'll know that it was inevitable. Steely Dan was in town. We have not missed them in Dallas since their July 2000 show, where I officially became a big DanFan. We went to Luby's for dinner (I know...not so romantic, but we were pressed for time and I didn't want fast food) and in a bit of serendipity, we heard "Do It Again" on Luby's music system while we were eating. I told dh that it seemed like a very appropriate choice.

This was my fifth SD concert, having gone to the ones in 2000, 2003, plus 2 in 2006 (Dallas and San Antonio). I think the 2000 one will always be the gold standard for me, but I certainly enjoyed last night. We got The Royal Scam again, which hasn't been done here since it was the opener after the 2000 intermission. I finally got to hear a Donald Fagen song live (The New Frontier). Walter Becker sang a song again, after skipping any vocals in 2006. (Walter, maybe you're not the casual fan favorite, but I & others enjoy you and would LOVE to have heard something from Circus Money, a d*** fine album.) I was missing Carolyn Leonhart a bit since I'm a fan of her, but I can't argue with the wonderful trio of ladies they currently have.

And it almost didn't happen, but I got to see a Fez Guy. Every SD concert we've been to in town, I've seen some guy(s) wearing a fez. I now make it a point to check for Fez Guys; it just wouldn't seem like a SD concert without 'em. :) So, Fez Guy at the souvenir stand after the show, we caught ya and we salute you! I was hoping to see one before the show, because I figured they'd be happy to hear (if they already didn't know) that The Fez was *finally* part of the setlist this year, albeit in instrumental form.

Due to our smidgen of a budget, we couldn't spring for close seats this year. We were up in the balcony, but I think it worked out pretty well because there were only about 8 people in our section. So we had some privacy,which was nice. (This is assuming you can call a concert with thousands of people "private". LOL)

Mr. Fagen announced in an article earlier this year that there would be the possibility of a solo tour in the fall. If either Donald or Walter do this, PLEASE COME TO DALLAS. We usually get overlooked in favor of the coastal cities. So, somebody pass it on, ok? :) Thanks!

I've had a busy couple of days, so I'm looking forward to trying to relax before Monday arrives. (Monday is THE DAY: kindergarten for my firstborn!)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Please don't let The Mole season finale be *the* finale!

In only a few more days, we'll find out who this season's Mole is, on ABC's The Mole. If you're watching and you like the show, consider taking a moment to pop over to The Mole message board at and sign the online petition to save the show. If you read the board, you'll find there are other ways to get involved, too, but the petition is quick and only requires you to register to post, then give your name & city. Every person we add can help!

Oh, and I'm still picking Mark as the Mole, Craig as the winner, and Nicole as the loser. We'll see soon! :)