Saturday, December 6, 2008

Whoo hoo! Cards done!

I swear, I was really thinking that photos for this year's card wasn't going to happen. I'd tried before, but got no cooperation on the part of my daughter. And what I did get just wasn't cutting it. But, we tried again yesterday, and I'm happy with these photos. So, I got a card together lickety-split, and it's now uploaded for printing. The final version has a bit of a wording difference from this web version, but it's the same. So, if you're getting one, this is a preview you're only going to see here. (Sorry to spoil the surprise!) And everyone can consider this a virtual card from me!

Monday, December 1, 2008

What a week!

Ok, so Thanksgiving approaches, and I start feeling sick, as I mentioned my last post. My throat hurts, stuff. At first it was being controlled by ibuprofen, but by Wednesday night, things are getting worse in the throat department. So, our Thanksgiving plans got cancelled. And I had to wait 'til Friday to confirm...strep throat! Oddly enough, I'm 39 now and this is only the second time I've had strep. (Thankfully!) And the last time was only about a year or two ago.

Meds are working now and I'm much better. Whew!

Anyways, I had mentioned I was knitting my daughter a hat, and last week I finished the hat part. Today, I stitched it together, made the chin strap, and added the buttons. So, it's done!

*I have pictures, but I'm on the "wrong" computer right now. I'll post them in the morning.*

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ugh, sick again! :(

I guess it's not that hard to believe since my daughter started having a bad runny nose on Sunday, but now dh and I are sick again. I'm currently alternating btwn. chills and feeling flushed. (sigh) Hurry up & work, medicine!

This does mean that, while I know I need to, I can't say for sure I'm going to get over to the Digitals forum and hand out bonuses for Q & A today or tomorrow. But I don't want to wait too much longer, so hopefully I'll get a quiet moment to do that. Sorry for the delay!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The weekend is over!

Well, I made it through the weekend without losing too much more of my sanity. (chuckle) I finished several S4H projects, got some more work done on my daughter's hat, and my hubby even got home from work today a little early. Tomorrow the routine starts again for a few days. My daughter's managed to get another cold/runny nose. (sigh) I guess I should be glad she's not lethargic and feverish, though. She'll be ok, but boy, I'll be glad when she doesn't bring home every germ and virus under the sun. (That does happen, right? ;) )

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Well, this will be "interesting".

I'm not really going to have a weekend. For that matter, neither will my dh. He has to work. Both days. Let me tell you, in the almost-18 years that he's worked for this company, I could probably count on one hand the times he's had to work a Sunday. I think we are hanging onto our sanity because we know that next week's going to be a short one thanks to Thanksgiving.

So now you know why I have all these projects and books keep my sanity! :)

I'm thinking I need to get cracking this morning on my next S4H project, and get some more work done on those Xmas elements!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Today's happenings

I am currently working on 2 Scrap 4 Hire projects, with another one to follow immediately. Plus, I came up with the idea for a new Christmas themed element set, so I quickly started on that. Top that off with the fact that I am reading Peggy Noonan's When Character Was King, and I started knitting a hat for my daughter...and I guess you can say I'm not good at focusing on one project at a time. LOL! The book & knitting keep me busy when I can't get on the computer, and I need to jump btwn. several scrap projects to keep me fresh. That's my excuse, anyway.

Oh, and of course I have my kids to watch. ;) And dishes that are piled in the sink. So yeah, you could say I'm a bit busy today.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I just finished up all the items for my December 2008 bonus kit for the Q & A challenge. :) Now I just have to get the kit assembled & uploaded, so it'll be all ready for next month. Oh, and I have to think of a question, too. ;)
You're getting a sneak peek here! Hope you'll join me for next month's challenge. (Or check out this month's if you haven't already.)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No work for me today, I'm afraid

Ok, so the day's not over quite yet. ;) But I had planned to get a little extra sleep after my daughter was at preschool, and then I'd work some more on next month's bonus kit. But thanks to a lack of sleep last night and a killer headache this morning, that didn't happen. I am glad that the headache was better this afternoon and I managed to make a run to the library. I picked up 7 books for myself. A few of them are on typography, something which I'm hoping to study to improve my designing.

I'm also glad to say that my son is feeling better today; yay!!! :) I was starting to think I was going to have to drag him to the doctor, but you'd hardly know he was sick now, he's acting so normal. He may not be 100% healthy, but he's much improved. It also helped that WALL-E came out on dvd today, and he's WALL-E obsessed. So it's given him something to watch (and watch and watch!) while he recovers.

OH, and I never mentioned on here that there's a new Dream Trip freebie over at Seebee's Freebies, if you haven't already popped over there. I woke up early on Sunday, and the idea for it came to my mind. So I dropped everything and created this mini-set before the idea left my head. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

The "fun" continues...

Boy, it never stops, huh? Yesterday was the first day that my family was (mostly) healthy in about a month. Today, my son's running a temperature and vomiting. :( That poor guy's been through so much. He still hadn't fully shaken his cough from the last cold. In a way, I can't wait for the school year to be over. (It's been this way since my daughter started special-ed preschool a little over a month ago.)

So, this week I'm finishing up December's bonus kit for the Q & A challenge, plus I have a couple of Scrap 4 Hire projects that need to get done soon. As long as my daughter and I stay healthy, and my son is resting comfortably, I get some work done each morning while the little one's at preschool. Aside from the sickness, it's been great to have her there, for both of us. She enjoys getting out and I enjoy the 3 hours a day to do what I need or want to do. :)
Speaking of knitting (lol), the picture is one of many pics I took yesterday while we were visiting family. Almost all of the pics turned out to be rotten with a lot of blur. I believe I should have been using Tv mode, which is my usual choice with my kids. For whatever reason, I didn't choose that, and I suffered. (So let that be a lesson to all to stick with what works!) I did manage to get this mediocre picture of my daughter wearing a dress that was knitted by Grandma. It's the first time she's worn it, so I wanted to document it for Grandma. Love the dress, although the buttons on the back are too small; we spent a good amount of time chasing my daughter around to rebutton her. :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Holy moley, an update!

Hey, bloggy friends! Here's a quick update. :) I know I've been MIA for a couple of months; I've had a lot going on. And I'm still busy, busy, busy. Some of that's designing, some of it's learning CS4 (my birthday present!), some of it is spending time playing Guitar Hero World Tour when I should be doing other things (yet another birthday present!), and some of it's trying to get our house healthy. Yes, we've been battling one virus after another around here, it seems. The joys of school!

As far as designing, I'm finishing up my final 2008 Christmas Card set (2 of these are already available, and I'm working on the "multiphoto" set). I'll have 3 sets available this year, plus the 2 from last year. So, if you're Christmas/holiday card shopping, check them out at Digitals. :)

I've been good about keeping myself logged into 4shared regularly, so all my Seebee's Freebies are still available. I wouldn't want to go through another data loss & reload if I can help it! Also, since I haven't mentioned it in a bit, don't forget I run a monthly challenge at Digitals, the Questions & Answers challenge. There's a freebie every month for completing that. And I still try to get a couple of video tutorials each month for Digitals.

Anyway, I'll *try* to do a bit better job of updating this blog, at least. I can't guarantee anything. I suppose it doesn't help that I'm the middle of changing computers. (I needed to go to our faster desktop in order to run CS4.) And on top of my normal design duties and Scrap4Hire stuff, I gotta work on my own Christmas card! :) But I'll try to pop in and keep everyone abreast of what's happening better than I have. That's it for now!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Dallas Photowalk Slideshow

I participated in Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk last month, which was fun. I didn't get any particularly stunning and fabulous photos, but I've put some of the nicer ones in a Slide slideshow down at the bottom of this blog, if you care to peek.

Also, check out the Kaboodle box on the side, because I've got a brand-new kit out! It's Appletime! :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Yay, I had a date! :)

Last night was one of those anomalies: my husband & I got to go on a date! :) And if you know me, you'll know that it was inevitable. Steely Dan was in town. We have not missed them in Dallas since their July 2000 show, where I officially became a big DanFan. We went to Luby's for dinner (I know...not so romantic, but we were pressed for time and I didn't want fast food) and in a bit of serendipity, we heard "Do It Again" on Luby's music system while we were eating. I told dh that it seemed like a very appropriate choice.

This was my fifth SD concert, having gone to the ones in 2000, 2003, plus 2 in 2006 (Dallas and San Antonio). I think the 2000 one will always be the gold standard for me, but I certainly enjoyed last night. We got The Royal Scam again, which hasn't been done here since it was the opener after the 2000 intermission. I finally got to hear a Donald Fagen song live (The New Frontier). Walter Becker sang a song again, after skipping any vocals in 2006. (Walter, maybe you're not the casual fan favorite, but I & others enjoy you and would LOVE to have heard something from Circus Money, a d*** fine album.) I was missing Carolyn Leonhart a bit since I'm a fan of her, but I can't argue with the wonderful trio of ladies they currently have.

And it almost didn't happen, but I got to see a Fez Guy. Every SD concert we've been to in town, I've seen some guy(s) wearing a fez. I now make it a point to check for Fez Guys; it just wouldn't seem like a SD concert without 'em. :) So, Fez Guy at the souvenir stand after the show, we caught ya and we salute you! I was hoping to see one before the show, because I figured they'd be happy to hear (if they already didn't know) that The Fez was *finally* part of the setlist this year, albeit in instrumental form.

Due to our smidgen of a budget, we couldn't spring for close seats this year. We were up in the balcony, but I think it worked out pretty well because there were only about 8 people in our section. So we had some privacy,which was nice. (This is assuming you can call a concert with thousands of people "private". LOL)

Mr. Fagen announced in an article earlier this year that there would be the possibility of a solo tour in the fall. If either Donald or Walter do this, PLEASE COME TO DALLAS. We usually get overlooked in favor of the coastal cities. So, somebody pass it on, ok? :) Thanks!

I've had a busy couple of days, so I'm looking forward to trying to relax before Monday arrives. (Monday is THE DAY: kindergarten for my firstborn!)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Please don't let The Mole season finale be *the* finale!

In only a few more days, we'll find out who this season's Mole is, on ABC's The Mole. If you're watching and you like the show, consider taking a moment to pop over to The Mole message board at and sign the online petition to save the show. If you read the board, you'll find there are other ways to get involved, too, but the petition is quick and only requires you to register to post, then give your name & city. Every person we add can help!

Oh, and I'm still picking Mark as the Mole, Craig as the winner, and Nicole as the loser. We'll see soon! :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Man cannot live by bread alone...

...but with these rolls, you might consider it! :D I just finished up another double batch of Honey Oat cloverleaf rolls, my favorite rolls! This bread dough recipe makes enough to have 1 dozen to eat & 1 dozen to freeze. It's from The Bread Machine Cookbook series of books (Nitty Gritty Publications), although I forget which one. (I think it's the very first one.) Anyways, I make the 2 lb. loaf in my bread machine on the dough setting, and then shape them into these.
Here's what you need for the 2 lb. recipe for Honey Oat Bread:
1 1/2 Cups water
2 Tablespoons oil
1/3 Cup honey
1 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 Cups oats
3 1/2 Cups bread flour
2 1/2 teaspoons yeast
I put it all in the bread machine in that order, and I choose the dough setting. Then, when that's done, I'm ready to shape rolls! You can expect to need two 12 count muffin/cupcake pans for this. I divide the dough in half, then start pinching off bits of dough that are just slightly smaller than ping-pong ball shape. Roll it into a nice ball, and add it to a muffin cup. Put three of these in each muffin cup.
I also prefer to double-baste them with butter. One basting goes on before they cook, while they are rising, to promote browning. Then, as soon as they are out of the oven I'll baste them with butter again, which adds more flavor and keeps the crust softer. (Yeah, the butter's not so healthy, but it's good. It *might* work with something like Smart Balance Spread, as long as you're using one with a high oil content.) I've been cooking them in a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes. They may not be the prettiest rolls on the planet, but man, are they tasty!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Mole: We're down to 4!

Well, either I got the text clue correct, or I'm lucky with that 1 in 5 chance. :) But I really, really had a feeling I was going to be right when the show started to milk Nicole's comments about throwing the game & going home. And when Jon (love ya, Jon!) said there was a tie, I figured that was the big "shocker" that was mentioned on the Behind-the-Scenes blog. (The shocker being that she doesn't go home like you would expect after all that talk.)

I'll go ahead & make my prediction for who goes home next week: Paul. This is just based on some web readings. Plus, the preview for next week showed Mark & Nicole reacting (or in Mark's case, not really reacting) over the next execution. I can envision Nicole reacting that way about Paul.

One week to go to find out, though! LOL!

Mole thoughts, and a reminder...

It's Monday! That means...another episode of The Mole! :) Mark is still around, although after last week's run on the treadmill, it's hard to say if it was done to throw off Mole-y suspicion, or if it was genuine. I don't have a good theory at this point, so I'll stick with Mark.

And I'll make another prediction. (What the heck? We'll all have a good laugh if I'm wrong. :) ) Supposedly the text clue for tonight's ep is EP 1245. Most people are speculating that the number "3" is missing in that sequence. And usually these text clues point to whoever is going home on that episode. I've looked at some thumbnails of screen shots of tonights show, and Clay (and his wife) are sitting in the number 3 spot. So, I'll guess Clay is leaving. We'll know for sure around 10:55 Eastern!

The reminder: Friday is the last day of the Christmas in July event. All my Xmas stuff at Digitals is 50% off through then, plus there's a non-Xmas related Product of the Day that's 50% off each day. (Today it's the Neutrality paper pack, which will give you 16 "go-with-anything" papers for $1.75!) And we're on day 8 of the Christmas quickpage givaway. Check out my Seebee's Freebies Blogspot for that.

I also got up a new product in the store over the weekend: it's the Fairyland brush set, for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. It's a fun way to add some "pixie dust" to your layouts. :)

That's all for now!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Who is The Mole?

With the second half of the season beginning tonight, and a recap show about to start in 20 minutes, I figure it's as good a time as any to proclaim my love for The Mole. :) I normally abhor reality tv, like Survivor or Big Brother, but The Mole is more like a mystery, and not a popularity contest like the others. I started watching around the middle of the first season thanks to a friend's recommendation, and it wasn't long before I was hooked. Seriously, if you haven't watched before, give it a try; they could use the ratings & I really would like to see it return next year. (It's even given me a reason to look forward to Mondays! LOL!)

And if you want my current opinion on who The Mole is, I'm choosing Mark. (Now, watch him get executed tonight!)

Christmas is now in July, you know. :)

Today is the kickoff of Digitals' Christmas in July sale! All of my Christmas themed products are 50% off, plus I'll have one other non-Xmas related product on sale each day for 50% off. (Today is the Country Sweetheart kit.) Here's the official sale information with participating designers:

The following Digitals designers have part or all of our designs on sale July 14-25 so you can do some Christmas in July shopping for yourself! Click on each name to go to that designer's products.

Alessandra Designs 20% off entire store!

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And, if you didn't already see it, pop over to Seebee's Freebies Blogspot to pick up my freebie each day of this event. When the event is over, you'd have an entire album's worth of Christmas themed quickpages for the Cosmo Cricket "Jack" album.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My inner nerd is excited!

I've been thinking of upgrading our cell phones, since we're out of our last contract period. So, they offer some nice discounts to get you to sign another contract. Along the same lines, I decided I wanted to get a new MP3/iPod player, since my old player only holds about 20-25 songs. So this past weekend I was doing some browsing on the AT & T website, and I found a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone on the list. I bought one for me that's nice & girly. (It's metallic pink!) It arrived on Tuesday & I'm in love with it!!! :D I love the built in mp3 player and FM radio, plus it came with a USB cord so I can even transfer the pics from the phone's camera to my computer. (My last phone made me send them through e-mail for a charge.) And it has separate ringtones for different callers, which was something dh & I decided we wanted. I also love the fact that I can design my own wallpaper for the phone, which I've already done. (If I get a chance, I'll take a pic.)

It's just a fun little toy, and it's been keeping me off the computer a bit. But I'm still around some! :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New quickpages up!

I've got my second Quickpage album available in the store now. This one fits the Cosmo Cricket "Jack" chipboard album, and uses the Plush Jazz Summer kit papers.

Fun with sigs!

Aside from regular old digiscrapping, I find it fun to make signature files for some of the online message boards I frequent. The one here is my latest one for DFW Area Moms, slightly modified here to remove my kids' names. It's inspired by a collage in the liner notes of Sam Phillips' latest cd, Don't Do Anything. As soon as I saw the collage inside, I knew I wanted to try to make something in that style. (It also reminds me of a scrap LO I've seen by Chris Ford in Digital Scrapbooking Magazine.) I'm in love with this look right now. :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

So many projects!!!

I always seem to find myself in two designing modes: on and off. LOL! Either I can't seem to come up with an idea to save my life, or I've got so many different things I want to do and not enough time to do it. Right now, I'm in the second phase; I've already uploaded a couple of new things in the past week, plus I have one other larger project in the semi-complete stage. And I'm working on another Quickpages album for the Jack Cosmo Cricket album. Plus I need to get my mini bonus kit for July finished. But my daughter's decided this was not a good time to get a full night's sleep, and I can't sit down and work with her around a lot of the time. (Sigh.) I really do need a "noneday", as Carolyn Leonhart would say!

Anyways, if you're a paper or digital scrapper and you haven't already checked out Digitals revamped hybrid section, I'd recommend it. We kicked off the selling of the Cosmo Cricket chipboard albums on Tuesday, and it's been going very well. I did do a set of "That Happy Feeling" Quickpages for the Kate album, and even though I threw it together as quick as I could so it would be done for launch day, I think it's still a nice album. It would probably make a good little gift for someone, too. My hope is to get the Jack album finished in the next week or two, plus one more Jack album.

Ok, sleep, toddler. Sleep! (sigh)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Finding projects

I came across this website called Instructables as part of my browsing the BzzAgent site. And Instructables is pretty cool, I have to admit. (Granted, there's some junk there, too!) I think I could spend way too much time looking at little projects to do. For instance, one of the things I came across was how to make your own cooling scarf. If you have no idea what this is, it's a long, thin piece of fabric that's filled with polymer beads that expand & hold water when soaked. The water is slowly released from the bead, and it keeps the fabric damp. You wear it around your neck to help keep you cool. My dh and I started using these several years ago back when we were in our rollercoaster/themepark days, because it gets hot walking around in the summer in Texas. :) I'd always had a general idea of how to make them, but there were step-by-step instructions with photos on Instructables. Just think...I could probably find some Disney fabric and make these for a Disney trip. Cool! (If I ever do that, I'll post a pic. :D )

Anyways, there's all sorts of stuff to look at there, so you might find it worth a visit. ;)

Friday, May 16, 2008

It's strawberry and gardening time!

This is in my fridge right now. Jealous? :) I got the new Kraft Food & Family mag yesterday, and looking through it today, I knew I wanted to make this. The little bit I've sampled proves it was a good choice. :D Strawberry season has snuck up on me; somehow I still feel like we should be having winter, although the weather sure doesn't feel that way. We were outside a bit today and I planted some chives, plus my dh planted some tomato plants that he got through the mail. I've already got a basil plant outdoors. I love basil! But it's my hope to have some homemade salsa before the end of the summer, with home-grown tomatoes. Wish us luck!

Friday, May 9, 2008

The pin shadowbox question answered! :)

My friend Fran asked about the Disney pin project I posted earlier this week. So, here's what's involved. I found a 12 x 12 inch shadowbox frame at...I think it was...Target, about a year ago. My intention was to use it for a regular scrapbook page, but this worked much better. I used 2 12 x 12 inch cork tiles, which were stuck together with the little adhesive tabs that came with the package of (4) tiles. I think these were from Michael's or WalMart. Then I used photo safe double sided adhesive tape from Creative Memories to affix the 12 x 12 printed layout onto the tile. I took all my pins and did a general placement test (with the pinbacks still attached) so I could get a good idea of how I wanted the pins laid out. Once I was happy with the placement, I took one pin at a time, took the back off, and poked it through the photo into the cork. (2 cork tiles was just the right thickness so that the pins wouldn't pop through the back; they are well stuck in cork.) Finally, the whole shebang was placed back under the glass and the back was reattached to the frame. Thankfully it all fit. :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

The bluebonnets!

Now that bluebonnet season is over, I'm finally finished a layout made with this year's pictures. (There weren't many; we had all of a 5 minute shoot one day.) This was made with some retinted Whimsey and Whimsey Seasons papers, and I scraplifted something from the latest Target sale flyer. :D See if you can find it! It's in the May 4-10 least, it's in the DFW one.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Yay, my pin project's done!

I've planned to do this for a while (at least a year, I think). But this past week I finally ordered the print for the background, got together the supplies, and got it finished! This is a 12 x 12 natural wood frame shadowbox, with one of my Seebee's Freebies Dream Trip papers used as the background (with a title strip added). And, as I suspected, I still have some leftover pins. I envision that I'll eventually have 3 of these...maybe 2 smaller ones on each side, or maybe all three will be the same. But it would be a while before I have enough pins to finish 3 of these. :) So I'll hang & enjoy the 1 for now.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy National Scrapbook Day!!!

If you've checked out Digitals today, you'll notice that most of the store is on sale for 30% off. How about a little extra for you, Blog Buddy? :) Use the coupon code 2061820683 at checkout when you buy Seebee's products, and you should save an extra 10% on those products. (This coupon code is good for TODAY only!) All my products are included in the sale, so that's 40% off of everything I have at Digitals including my new That Happy Feeling kit from the previous post!

Have fun shopping & scrapping!

Friday, May 2, 2008

New kit!!!

This is my most ambitious kit so far, with a whopping 15 digipapers plus borders, frames, mats, and stickers. I love the colors of this set! I went ahead & kept the price of this the same as my other kits, too: $4. And don't forget with National Scrapbook Day being tomorrow, there is a big weeklong sale that starts at Digitals tomorrow. (Hint, hint.) I think you'll want to check back here tomorrow; I'll have a 1 day only coupon to give you a little extra savings. :) See you then!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New products arriving!

I've had several projects in stages of development for the past month or so, and I'm finally getting them finished. Two of them are done and you can see them in the Kaboodle showcase off to the right: the Floraswirl Brush Set and the Kidquotes Quote Set. More stuff coming soon! :)

The Picture of Today

This is a candid portrait taken of my son last weekend when we were at a friend's house. He may not be smiling but I have a few others where he is. :)
Btw, I do have a few bluebonnet shots from this year, but not many so far. We went out on a VERY windy day and were in the field for all of 5 minutes. I got one nice one and a few more usable ones, I think.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

More bluebonnets

Another Picture of Today that features bluebonnets. :) It won't be long now 'til I can get some current pictures, so I'm still getting myself into gear. And I realize that I need to get a Picture of Today that has my son in it!

For those curious, I'm currently working on a new set of video tutorials about using the Brush tool in PS & PSE. I also have a mini kit I need to finish for next month's Q & A challenge at Digitals. After that, I'm not exactly sure what I'll be doing!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Picture of Today

Taken sometime during this last week, this photo is one of the ones I've been taking while I play with my new flash. I love my daughter's expression here, although I couldn't tell you what kind of expression it is! LOL! But I like it, whatever it is. :) For those who care: ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/60 second, and the lense was at 135mm on my Canon 28-135 IS lens.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More video tutorials!

If you watch 'em, there's 3 new tutorials by me up on Digitals' YouTube Scrapbook Video Tutorials website:
One's about custom shadowing that goes with the vellum one that was posted a week ago, one is for learning how to use templates in PS/PSE, and the one I worked on this morning is about doing a quick "color pop" and vignette on a photo. Well, now you know. :D

Monday, March 10, 2008

I would never want to be in tech support!

I sat down on Friday and made an effort to back up my photos. When I got PSE6, my greatest hope was that they had resolved the issue I was having where it wouldn't let me make incremental backups. Every time I was backing up in PSE4 I had to do a full backup, which takes hours and hours. No fun, so it also made me not back up as often as I should be. Well, it *looks* like the incremental problem is fixed in PSE6, but I'm still fighting either the program or my dvd burner. I get about 60-70% done with burning a disk and then there's a write error. So I've been fighting this stuff since Friday (yes, I took a break over the weekend) and still have not been able to get PSE or Nero to back up my photos. (Oddly enough, I can burn a partial single disk in Nero, but I get a write error when I try to write a full disk. If you were here right now, you'd hear me tearing out my hair over all this.)

So, since I need my photos backed up pronto, I'm currently using an online backup service. Once I get my dvd situation straightened out, I'll use that, too. But at least I can get SOMETHING done today so I feel a little better.

Hope your Monday's going a bit better than mine!

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Picture of Today is from a year ago!

I'm thinking seriously of getting this printed for display somewhere in my house. I love bluebonnets and we're creeping up on that time of the year again. :) Man, I love flowers! Of course, as I'm writing this there's snow on the ground. We've had several late winter cold spells here, which is pretty unusual for our area.

So, last year was my first time getting bluebonnet shots. I trooped out before 7 in the morning to drive 20 minutes away to get some sunrise pictures of a local bluebonnet field. It was a little cold and I was sitting on the concrete or kneeling in the mud a few times, but it was worth it. Then we took the kids there the next day around sunset and got some more wonderful pictures. I also went to the Dallas Arboretum a few times during Dallas Blooms to shoot some pics. Did I mention I love flowers? :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Whoo hoo! Flash!

I'd been saving my pennies, and took advantage of a sale at Roberts* and I bought a 430EX Speedlite for my Rebel Xt. :) I love it so far, although it'll take me a while to get to the point where I'm really good at bouncing and getting some directional flash. (This pic is a bit flat, but has nice catchlights.) So this is my Picture of Today.

*The sale ends tomorrow if you're interested. $199 for the flash.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A project I'm finally working on

For a long time now, one of the things I've been saying I'm going to do is get my Disney World pins on display in the house. My plan has been to make some sort of background, affix it to some cork, and then mount it in a frame after I stick my pins in the background. I've been collecting pins that relate to rides, places, & events at WDW since our first trip in 2000. So I have quite a few now. :)

I finally felt motivated today to get to work on a background, and this is what I have so far. I say "so far" but I'm pretty happy with this, so I'll probably get it printed & see how it turns out. The main background paper is from my Retro Mouse paper pack that is over on my freebies blog. Each photo at the bottom was taken during our trips, then I ran the Cutout filter on it until I got the look I wanted, joined them all together, and then faded/lightened and gave it an extra saturation boost. Then the white border frame was added with a stroke, plus I painted in dividers with white and a square brush. The "Walt Disney" font is Waltograph, and the World is something I keep in my word art stash, because it's a comination of a couple of fonts plus an extra bit on the "W" is removed.

I'll post an update if I get this framed & finished the way I want it to be. :)

If you haven't looked...

...this is a good time to pop over to the Digitals blog if you're wanting a nice sale. :) Today is Wonderful Wednesday, and in conjunction with my time as their Guest Blogger I'm offering even more products on sale than usual for WW. Click on the link to Digitals blog on the right of this page, then scroll down & look for my last post with my WW info.

I'm pretty excited today because we're expecting a few mail orders today & tomorrow. Today we're getting an extra guitar for Guitar Hero, and tomorrow I get my first external flash. Fun new toys! :) I have some design things to do today, but I just *might* be a little busy shredding my new guitar. LOL.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Doll Project

I really enjoyed working on this project & I got permission to share. :) This is a print that my friend will be giving her mom for Mother's Day. (Obviously I removed the names & blurred faces for web sharing.) This doll has been passed through the family and now the original owner's granddaughter has the joy of playing with the doll. So we wanted something that showed love passed down through the years. It just so happened that my new Classic Moments kit had papers that matched that doll's dress, so I used that as a starting point. There's also a frame on the older photo that is available on my other blog, .

I made the word art specifically for this, but I'm thinking a set of word art similar to this would be a good idea. You never know. :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

A different sort of day!

We had a big change today in that my husband has got a new work schedule. So things were a bit topsy-turvy today. :) I finished up a project for someone and also am putting together my Address Book kit for Digitals. (You can see the sneak peek here .)

And, what REALLY made the day different is that it snowed a bit tonight! Our first snow of winter, and it's in March. LOL! I hadn't watched the weather in a few days, so it was a surprise to me! If it's still around tomorrow, I might be able to get a pic for the ol' scrapbook.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Photo of Today, which is likely inappropriately named

While I'm calling this The Photo of Today (which, btw, is not called Photo of the Day since I doubt I'll have a new photo to post ever day), it was actually taken yesterday. It took me over 12 hours to get this off my camera and into Photoshop because I had a Photoshop crisis last night. Somehow PS lost my registration information/serial number and it wouldn't open. Well, that was annoying enough but then I couldn't find my PS disk anywhere and I needed it to reinstall & have my serial number. Holy moley, I was panicking! One hour (at least) later, I found the disk...exactly where it should have been. (Don't you hate it when that happens? Or is it just me that sort of thing happens to?) So, I got Photoshop reinstalled, everything was hunky dory, but it was bedtime. This morning, I still wasn't able to open the file because I needed to reinstall the latest version of Camera Raw. Ahhh, the joys of computers! :) Finally, everything is back to normal and I was able to edit the picture & get it ready for you to be The Photo of Today!

If you're wondering what this is, it's a flower/bloom off the tree in our backyard. This just goes to show that it's getting closer to spring, at least here in Texas. If I was a fancy-schmancy person, I'd call this picture "Springing" or something clever. When I saved it for uploading, I just called it Treeflower.jpg . LOL! For anyone who cares about such things, this was shot with my Rebel XT with my 28-135 IS lens racked out, using a Canon Close Up filter with manual focus, and handheld. (Yes, I know, Scott Kelby, you said I MUST shoot Macro on a tripod. But my tripod wasn't available to me at the time. That's my argument & I'm sticking with it! I used the IS plus steadied my camera on the bench where I was sitting.) ISO of 200 shot in Manual mode at f/18 and the shutter speed was 1/100. It was underexposed a bit but I shoot in RAW so it was bumped up in there. It also made the usual visit to the PS playground for some cropping,defog, noise reduction, sharpening, Soft Light color pop, and vignetting.

Gee, Chris, couldn't you have just said, "Here's a pretty picture of a spring bloom" and left it at that? Guess not! :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Now I'm a bit disoriented

I've had it with IE6. I've used it for several years now but I've been seeing more & more problems with it lately, like things not being displayed properly. I have IE7 on another computer and wasn't too impressed with it, so I decided it was time to try Mozilla's Firefox. So far, so good, except that when it imported my IE favorites, things aren't quite in the same place so I have to do some rearranging. Other than that, it thankfully doesn't look too different from IE6. And the problems I've been having are nonexistant so far. Wish me luck!

I temporarily need a name change! ;)

This week only, you can call me Three Blogs Beasley! Today is the first of March and I'm starting my week of being the Guest Designer Blogger at Digitals blog. If you like-a the freebies, I'll have a few posted there. Today I posted the information about how to download the Date Marker system that I offered in a chat last September. There's also a coupon code there for my products at Digitals, good this week only.

I went with a friend to see Semi Pro last night. I'm a big SNL & Will Ferrell fan, so I guess that means I'm the type of audience member they're expecting to get. We thought it was very funny; there were a few parts where I had difficulty breathing from laughing so hard. Gotta love all those 70s clothes & hair!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Well, welcome, Blog Buddy!

Today is that weird anomaly of life, a Leap Year day. Happy birthday if you were born on this day. (Do you normally celebrate the day before or after your birthday when there's no Leap Year? I'm curious.) Anyway, since it's an unusual day, why shouldn't I create an unusual concept, a second blog? I'm probably not the first one to do that, anyways. (I'm making an assumption here, but I'm sure SOMEONE has a second or third or more blog.) In fact, as of tomorrow I'll be the guest designer blogger at Digitals blog, so I'll be working 3 blogs. All without breaking a sweat, likely. So be on the lookout for me at the Digitals blog, because I have a couple of free goodies to give away during my week. And hopefully I won't scare them away from letting me blog there in the future. :) (I'll be good. I promise!)