Saturday, July 11, 2009

Other Seebee's happenings

Taking a break from the brain block issues this morning to work on another little "project". I'm in the process of working up the wording for a limited commercial & S4H license to go along with a few kits. These will be the same kits that are already available, but for a little more money, you will have a license that allows you to use the kit items in your S4O/S4H projects, use on the design of your personal blog, use to create cards/products for your photography business, etc. So, stay tuned. I'll post here when those products are up & available.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Brain block!

Well, I'm in the middle of working on papers for August bonuses. It's hard going for me this time, although papers are usually not a problem. It's coming up with designs that work with this month's theme. :) (I won't spoil it for you yet.) My brain's not doing a great job, or my drawing skills are lacking...something like that. I'm sure I'll get through it.

Also, I signed up for Digitals' Christmas in July special, which is coming up. (In this month, obviously. ;) ) Look for more information on what that's going to entail soon! If I can get past my brain block, I'll see about getting some freebies together for that time for the SF blog. But I can't promise anything since it's been hard to get on the computer this summer. (My daughter is a waterbug and she keeps us outdoors a lot!)