Saturday, December 6, 2008

Whoo hoo! Cards done!

I swear, I was really thinking that photos for this year's card wasn't going to happen. I'd tried before, but got no cooperation on the part of my daughter. And what I did get just wasn't cutting it. But, we tried again yesterday, and I'm happy with these photos. So, I got a card together lickety-split, and it's now uploaded for printing. The final version has a bit of a wording difference from this web version, but it's the same. So, if you're getting one, this is a preview you're only going to see here. (Sorry to spoil the surprise!) And everyone can consider this a virtual card from me!

Monday, December 1, 2008

What a week!

Ok, so Thanksgiving approaches, and I start feeling sick, as I mentioned my last post. My throat hurts, stuff. At first it was being controlled by ibuprofen, but by Wednesday night, things are getting worse in the throat department. So, our Thanksgiving plans got cancelled. And I had to wait 'til Friday to confirm...strep throat! Oddly enough, I'm 39 now and this is only the second time I've had strep. (Thankfully!) And the last time was only about a year or two ago.

Meds are working now and I'm much better. Whew!

Anyways, I had mentioned I was knitting my daughter a hat, and last week I finished the hat part. Today, I stitched it together, made the chin strap, and added the buttons. So, it's done!

*I have pictures, but I'm on the "wrong" computer right now. I'll post them in the morning.*